This is so easy @josh. Too easy.
  1. The potholes / general condition of the roads / bridges / etc.
    Also, the construction. It's always everywhere and never seems to fix anything.
  2. The fact that there's only one sports team. It makes us look like crazy token Canadians.
  3. The tension between the French and English communities.
    Why can't we all just get along and be pumped to be bilingual?
  4. The lack of robust English media.
    The Gazette is our only daily paper and it is actually the worst.
  5. Separatism.
    How many cities are located in states or provinces that have formal political parties dedicated to seceding from the rest of their country? Well, we are, and it's horrible.
  6. The general lack of work opportunities, especially for native English speakers.
    I can't speak to being a francophone here, but most of my English-speaking friends have had to decamp to Toronto or elsewhere (myself included) to find work.
  7. THE WINTER. Oh god damn the winters.
  8. The village feel of it.
    There is the perpetual threat of running into someone you know. Or someone who knows your parents. Or your grandparents.