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im a motivation-lacking mess
  1. working out
  2. eating real food
  3. reading shakespeare n shit
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  1. that
    there is always a better way to specify the subject or object. this word is cheap, ugly, overused, and boring lol
  2. sorry
    people who don't use this word are not necessarily empathy lacking psychopaths
  3. narcissism/ narcissist
So, you questioned everything in your reality to the point when you completely changed your reality. Now, here are some things you need to survive your new life.
  1. Health
    your physical, emotional and spiritual well-beings may now be your only riches
  2. Transportation
    this is just another thing you might want to pool from your parents.
  3. Sense of Humor
    a failure without one is the only true failure.
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  1. dance with no destination
  2. keep just incase dog treats in every pocket
my little brother and i try to keep ourselves from boredom and also from trouble with our parents. we do, however, think discretion is important and avoid being too sacrilegious
  1. 1.
    if the congregation is using a book for the psalms or readings, decide upon only holding it upside down from now on
  2. 2.
    if there is periodical psalm singing, and if you feel confident enough, allow yourself to sing as out of tune and badly and loudly as you feel appropriate
  3. 3.
    decide upon never using your regular voice again within the church. try imitating various accents throughout the mass when the congregation is responding
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