my little brother and i try to keep ourselves from boredom and also from trouble with our parents. we do, however, think discretion is important and avoid being too sacrilegious
  1. if the congregation is using a book for the psalms or readings, decide upon only holding it upside down from now on
  2. if there is periodical psalm singing, and if you feel confident enough, allow yourself to sing as out of tune and badly and loudly as you feel appropriate
  3. decide upon never using your regular voice again within the church. try imitating various accents throughout the mass when the congregation is responding
  4. whenever you see a child, place your hands together, bow slightly facing him, and gently say "bless you my child". if you deem it justifiable, you can put a hand on his head
  5. when the congregation is supposed to stand up/ sit down, make sure youre first to stand and always last to sit.
  6. begin a fake sneezing challenge by faking a sneeze as best you can then challenging a nearby friend to do the same. continue to pretend to sneeze one after the other. the first to quit loses.
  7. if you are bored enough, you can search for the switches and attempt to adjust the light/sound/temperature systems for the within places of the church.
  8. you can appoint yourself to be an usher or security guard if youd like to. tell people where to sit during the beginning of mass. also you can try standing in front of the bathrooms and refuse to let other bored people enter.
  9. if you are an altar server, you may already have some tricks up your sleeves. i suggest storing other things there. i'd suggest match boxes (easily to borrow from a church's storage room)
  10. it can be entertaining to take on a super religious or pretentious character in church who criticizes all those around him. for instance, if you see old people too weak to kneel, shake your head at them. shake your head at anyone who isnt behaving, or participating. when the priest gives his homily, point out his mistakes to those around you
  11. if you are inclined to exercise a bit during mass, you can challenge yourself by only standing on one leg, or stand on your toes and continuously raise/lower your heels from and back to the ground.
  12. when giving the sign of peace, make a challenge with a friend or make a personal record of how many hands you can shake