Things I have found cleaning up my daughter's rooms.

One six-year old girl. Two (ok 8) rooms filled with many many many cubbies filled with boxes filled with bags filled with crap. In no particular order and likely to be expanded.
  1. Barbie. In a coffin...shoe box. Nothing but Target for my kid.
  2. TWO astronaut masks. Now that there's a picture of their existence, I can throw them out, right? HA. Hell hath no fury like a child who has found her masterpieces in the trash. If you must, do as I do and never clean the house when she's home. So that you can actually clean. This also means that you rarely clean.
  3. Skewers turned....going with vampire weapon. Though the child doesn't know that she's Romanian and may be related to Vlad Drac. I'm currently waiting on my DNA results and one can hope.
  4. Spray bottle filled with glitter water. It's my new unicorn spritz.
  5. This pile of random crap was in one of her purses.
  6. Linen closet. Hallie. Duh Mc Stuffins.
  7. That's hand lotion. Squirted on the shelf in her craft cabinet.
  8. A six year old's Go! bag. Filled with math manipulatives, a panda beanie boo, and little box that contains a souvenir bottle of tequila with a scorpion in it.