Inspired by @eibhlin. I have pages and pages of names that I've seen and wanted to remember, here are a few.
  1. Suzanne Triester
    Contemporary Brit, I saw her work in Vienna. She's all about visually ordering and organizing things to make new conversations and histories. If my brain could print out my thoughts this is probably what they'd look like.
  2. Paul Gösch
    I saw his stuff for the first time when I was in Berlin. He was part of German expressionism and he went through some serious shit on account of what was likely schizophrenia, culminating in being murdered by the Nazis. I was really struck by his portraiture and use of color because of their ease and naivety. His treatments of religious subjects are also excellent.
  3. Harald Giersing
    Danish modernist, big on movement and color. He's not exactly to my taste but his ballet and football scenes can be very dynamic and sculptural.
  4. Oskar Schlemmer
    Another German, Schlemmer was a jack of all trades who was part of the Bauhaus school. He was a painter, sculptor, choreographer, etc. I saw his take on ballet costumes in Madrid and I just thought they were so fucking cool !
  5. Rebecca Horn
    Omg another German, I must have been on a roll. Horn was a performance and video artist who did a piece where she created long cloth appendages to attach to and extend her fingers, and then she walked through her studio, grazing the walls. A bit bone-chilling to see but way fascinating.