This week is the last in my year abroad in Denmark's capital, here is a collection of some of my favorite things to do in the city.
  1. Copenhagen Street Food
    Known also as Papirøen (Paper Island, where it's located), Street Food is literally a warehouse full of food trucks. It's the first place I went when I arrived in August and it is so dope. Get a pulled duck burger and thank me later. It's also only a 10 minute walk from Christiania (where you can buy weed), so on an afternoon you can get high and go eat cheesecake by the water. Ideal.
  2. Statens Museum for Kunst
    The national gallery is a 10 minute walk from Nørreport (the middle of downtown) and has a really excellent collection of work from the 1600s on, including some amazing Matisses that they don't even advertise. It's also free, which is great, and it's located between two really lovely parks so you can go for a wander after looking and good art and feel generally good about yourself.
  3. Torvehallerne
    Also right in Nørreport, Torvehallerne is two giant glass buildings that house a sort of market. It's obviously for tourists and can be expensive but it's open every day and the pastries and plentiful and delicious.
  4. Assistens Kirkegård
    This is a big cemetery in Nørrebro (one of my favorite neighborhoods) where Danes go to both mourn their dead and drink beer on tombstones. I have seen old ladies planting flowers on their husbands' grave while moms have a play date one plot over. It is endlessly fascinating and also houses the graves of some famous Danes if that's what you're into.
  5. Amagerstrand
    Go to the beach! Seems weird that Denmark would have public beaches but they are really lovely in summer and lots of Danes go topless so that is fun. The water is freezing but you have a nice view of Sweden.
  6. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
    It's only about 45 minutes on the train to get to the museum, which has world class exhibitions and an amazing collection which they should show more! It's a palatial estate with a sculpture garden and gorgeous views of the water. Bring a lunch, spend the day. And if you're a student and you think you might visit more that once, it's worth it to buy a membership.
  7. Walk!
    Copenhagen is tiny. It's so easy to get around the city center and you will find cool stuff and shops if you just wander around neighborhoods. People say you should bike but I think that is a bit distracting because it's very intimidating to ride with Danes who are serious about biking rules.
  8. Eat a bunch, drink tons.
    Go get some beers and sit in a park for the afternoon, enjoy the sunshine when it comes around. Listen to people speaking Danish and try to get the gist. Smile at some babies. It's an excellent city.