1. The Stock Market
    Should I be investing? Where is the stock market? Can I go there? How do I give them money? What is NASDAQ?
  2. Consulting
    This is s job everyone says they want to do, but Is so vague I don't understand. What do you actually do? Do I need to be consulted?
  3. Insurance
    HMO and PPO?
  4. 401k
  5. Football
    This is a subject that almost everyone can chime in on in conversation. Yet I still do not know what a linebacker does.
  6. Taxes
    How do I do them?
  7. Any/All technology
    I cower in fear when my parents ask for computer help.
  8. Hedgefunds
    Does this involve hedgehogs?
  9. How to cook chicken
    Do you boil it? How does this work?
  10. LinkedIn
    This just seems like a space for everyone to brag about themselves.