I generally consider myself a healthy person. I'm a vegetarian, I work out, I buy organic. But every once in a while, I binge. What's that saying? "Do everything in moderation. Even moderation."
  1. Yogurt pretzels
    Specifically the white chocolate crunch mix at Fresh Market.
  2. Puppy Chow
    Aka. Peanut butter and chocolate melted into chex cereal and covered in powdered sugar. My kryptonite.
  3. White Cheddar Cheez-It's
    I am convinced these are covered in crack.
  4. Bell peppers
    I know, this is actually very healthy. But bell peppers are honestly my favorite food. My friends will attest - I eat one every single day.
  5. Mini Kit-Kats dipped in peanut butter
    I don't have to explain this.
  6. Character Shaped Mac and Cheese
    The characters have more crevices and surface area for maximum cheese absorption.
  7. Coke slurpees
    The taste of summer.
  8. Waffles
    Nothing like a fluffy and crisp Belgian waffle.
  9. White Cheddar Puffy Cheetos
    Also potentially covered in crack.
  10. Mint Chocolate ice cream
    Double churned only. Preferably in ice cream soup form.