Dads. We know them, we love them. Here are some traits that are deeply embedded within the "Dad" genome.
  1. Talking loudly while making business calls
    It's as if Dads are completely unaware of their volume when speaking to someone about a business issue.
  2. Taking care of the lawn himself even though he pays for lawn maintenance
    The lawn is Dad's domain. No one comes between a man and his hedge clippers.
  3. Asking when you last got an oil change
    It's more of a rhetorical question. Dads KNOW when you last had an oil change.
  4. The Thermostat
    It's winter, you're freezing. You go to turn the heat up to 70. Dad appears out of no where. "What are you doing?!? That thermostat is set to a comfortable 62. Money doesn't grow on trees. Put on a sweater."
  5. Sending warning texts about the weather
    "Checked the weather for you. Better bring a rain jacket to work. Cold front coming through. Lots of ice. Make sure you salt your driveway."
  6. Taking secret short cuts
    Late for something? Never fear. Dad knows just the route that will take even longer.
  7. Tending fires
    Dads will spend hours uselessly poking at fires. It's truly a primal instinct.
  8. Golf Polos
    Dad attire that pairs perfectly with white new balances and dockers. Classy, yet casual.
  9. Mulch
    Why is there a giant pile of crap in the driveway? Oh right. Dad.
  10. Deferring most things to Mom
    "That's really more in your mom's department."
  11. Loud sneezes
    You're cowering under a dining room table. There may have been a natural disaster. Earthquake? Thunder? Tornado? Vehicle collision? No. Dad just sneezed.
  12. Wearing bathrobes
    The snuggie for Dads. Comfort while still allowing for mobility. You know, just in case he has to do some lawn work while in his robe.