No need to comment, kind of just ranting here.
  1. Do you know that feeling when you keep trying to wave someone down.
  2. Like you're waving back and forth with that shy eager smile on your face but the person you're waving at keeps looking past you.
  3. So then you get kind of silly.
  4. Like jumping up and down. Waving your whole arm now and you're balancing on the toes your slightly laughing to yourself because you know how silly you look.
  5. Then you start getting desperate. You're straight up jumping up and down, flailing both arms, you're not smiling anymore because you're starting to get frustrated.
  6. Because despite how hard you try and how much you yell and scream nobody you're trying to wave down is paying you one moment of real attention.
  7. But then they simply look at you, and without even a nod or a shrug the just turn an walk the opposite way.
  8. ...
  9. Because that's the circle I'm stuck In. With my best friends. Guys I know. My boss. Etc.
  10. No matter how many light bulbs I rush over to replace on my dime and time. No matter how many texts of Encouragement. Or extra hours worked.
  11. I'm stuck waving while they're walking the other way.
  12. But that makes me painfully eager for the one person who doesn't turn.
  13. Someone who truly appreciates the moment I rush over to help change a light bulb for them, or help make their nieces dinner because they can't even boil water.