Goals for Myself

  1. Be graceful.
  2. Be thoughtful and kind
    No matter who it is.
  3. Slow down and enjoy the surroundings and the now.
  4. Learn to dance
  5. Lose 50+ pounds
  6. Live solely for God
  7. Trust in Gods will and allow it to happen.
  8. Maybe kiss a boy.
  9. Wait scratch that. Nobody has time for that when you're being an independent princess.
  10. Be the best me I can be.
  11. Let go of anger, sin, and other past emotions that are only tearing me down.
  12. Be okay.
  13. Be as bold and graceful as Cinderella on a horse.
    And if I bump into Prince Charming along the way, then... He better be ready to go along this ride with me