5sos fans this is for you.
  1. I've met 5 Seconds of Summer a handful of times.
  2. Each time they're super sweet and Michael is my fave.
  3. Anyways.
  4. I was standing with Ashton once, and he asked what he could do for us.
  5. I of course said we should go get married.
  6. Ashton laughs and is giving me a "look"
  7. (At this point all boys are single as far as anyone knows)
  8. Like walks up Now, he's tall and mysterious with his sunglasses and he's just watching me
  9. So I go "Luke, you and me? We can go get married"
  10. And he gives me this look
  11. And goes "okay, yeah sure." And we all laughed
  12. We never broke the engagement
    Maybe it's because I haven't seen him since.
  13. Enjoy our engagement pictures.
  14. Static
  15. The end.