My Care Package

Aka The most amazing package I've ever received
  1. First off THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES @k8zinker
  2. First off how adorable are these
    Also amazing because I just was thinking I wanted something like these to hang around my room
  3. These adorable tattoos
    And I will put them on tonight and some for Halloween
  4. This calls for a pamper night
  6. By this point opening it I'm nearly crying
  7. A super sweet letter that has my real name so I am hiding that 😏
  8. Some wild sweet orange tea,
    Again is perfect because I love citrus teas, or hot water and lemon... SO EXCITED!!
  9. Okay I kid you not these are MY ABSOKUTE FAVORITE SNACKS
    Like I am almost nervous that Kate did so well with all of this
  10. Playing cards!!!
  11. The worlds cutest notebook and pencils that I had on my to do list to buy!!!
  12. Band aids 😍😭
  13. Kate thank you so much, this absolutely made my day. I appreciate it more than you know!