1. My mom helping me get checked in at Detroit Airport.
    Best ever. Detroit, MI
  2. Man with a rain jacket and striped socks carrying a backpack and a big bag of gummy bears.
    Detroit, MI
  3. The lady over the speaker calling "Patricia Crenshaw" with obvious annoyance in her voice.
    Poor Patricia Detroit, MI
  4. The Tween boys dancing on the polished floors in there socks.
    Detroit, MI
  5. The lady eating a bomb pop popsicle
    Hold on about to go ask where she got it from. Detroit, MI
  6. 3 boys with dreadlocks and a homemade bundt cake.
    Detroit, MI
  7. Girl named Christmas
    Denver, CO
  8. The mom and son who came RUNNING to make their flight to Seattle. Little boy huffing along with backpack as big as he is.
    They made it!!! Denver, CO
  9. The girl hugging and crying with her best friend who's also crying. Oh wait.... that was my reflection....
    *lots of tears*