1. How many times I've said I had a head ache
  2. How many children I made cry
  3. How diapers I've changed
  4. How many time I've sang Kokomo by The Beach Boys
  5. How many times I faked a smile
  6. How many times I went to target
  7. The amount of times that one kid has tried to get with me
  8. Amount of times an old guy and given me the eyes
  9. How many life's I had a positive impact on
  10. How many hearts I've broken
  11. Amount of times I've watched romcoms
  12. How many tears I've cried
  13. How many sad tears I've cried in relationship The the happy ones
  14. How many people I found attractive
  15. How many scoops of ice creams I've eaten
  16. The amount of cities I've ever been in