1. Beyoncé is overrated
  2. Kardashians are tacky
  3. Detroit is one of the greatest cities in the US
    If you don't agree then you've never been.
    They are the leaders of this nation and get treated like garbage beneath everyone's feet and deserve starting 50K.
  5. Taylor Swift is immature
    I like her, but she's like a 18 year old in a 27 year olds body.
  6. Like really?
    Really, a light up skirt and crop top?
  7. One Direction is talented
  8. The Office isn't that great
    Jim and Pam are the only redeemable thing
  9. "You can do anything" and "nothing is impossible" is BULLSHIT
    You cannot achieve everything or your wildest dreams.
  10. Didn't like Moana.
    Most of the music was great, and the characters were okay. I just didn't care for the story. 🤷🏼‍♀️