1. This starts three years ago at my little brothers soccer game.
  2. There was a cute referee
  3. Super cute kept protecting me from the ball that for some reason kept coming at me. And smiling and talking with me and all the moms were LOVING it. And him. Super cute guy.
  4. So I did something I never did up until this moment.
  5. I gave him my number.
  6. He texted before we even left the parking lot!!!!
  7. He was on his way to his girlfriends house.
  8. But we remained friends. And text off and on and Snapchat off and on.
  9. And a week ago he snapchatted me during work and the kids at my summer camp pretty much married me off to this guy. And like he jokingly proposed to me over Snapchat and everything.
  10. So we decide to go out.
  11. So I kept trying to nail down a time or date and he was was like all fly by the seat of his pants.
  12. During this week he snapchatted me saying he was getting high and that's so not my thing..
  13. So I pretty much decided I wasnt going to go
  14. Low and behold he messages me late on Friday night (texhninacally Saturday morning) asking if he was going to see me the next day I said sure and he said he would get in touch with me for a time later
  15. He didn't
  16. So I messaged him and said I was free after 6 if he was too, and I was almost completely ready because ya know.. optimism
  17. And he goes:
  19. So my mom, the angel she is, text me and asks if I want to go to target,
  20. I tell her I'm over dressed and make up and hair and what not is all done up I feel like an idiot.
  21. So she comes up stairs and she does her hair and makeup too so I don't look over dressed.
  22. She's too good to me.
  23. Now we are eating carry out Chinese and watching Lost.