Okay have a seat while I explain this.
  1. I want to find someone.
  2. I really do.
  4. I'm so not ready for that.
  5. My romantic novel reading and writing side and my desire to be a wife and in a relationship needs to chill the heck down for a while and here's why.
  6. Giphy
  7. I have to grow.
  8. In my faith.
    Every marriage I know that stands above the others in resilience and love all are centered around Christ and if that's truly what I want I need to fall head over heals in love with God first and trust his timing for a man. I need my happiness to be fully in Jesus first.
  9. In my maturity.
    Guys I'm still so down to plays ims and leave my room a mess for two weeks before even thinking about hanging laundry.
  10. In my self love.
    God gave me a body and a face and whether or not I'm always happy with them, hating myself isn't making it any better. And how can I love a man the way he needs to be loved if I can't even get over the fact I'm a bit over weight. Honestly.
  11. In my life.
    I'm so young. And as I've said before I'm marriage minded and if I'm not going to waist my time than now is the time to revel in bring a young college student making friends and losing them and volunteering with young girls at church and enjoy the fact I wore the same leggings from yesterday today and nobody knew or cared.