1. Shopping lists
    Or else I'll wander aimlessly for too many hours
  2. To do lists
    Self explanatory.
  3. Reading lists
    Except whenever I buy a new book it's never chosen from here
  4. Wishlists
    More like "list of things I'm going to buy when I feel like spending money quick and without hesitation"
  5. Quote lists
    Just a bunch of quotes that I forget about until I remember
  6. The places I plan on going to list
    Very cumulative. Consists of local libraries as well as entire countries.
  7. Packing lists
    Every time I don't write a packing list I forget at least one thing.
  8. "Watch later" lists
    Reoccurring on several of my social media platform and consisting of profound mini documentaries about the human race as well as videos of small animals.