Favorite chairs at the Standard, Hollywood

List you've been waiting for! Post Red Nose Day campaign depression is real so this is all I can muster
  1. Lounge area pods
    Pods are a strong recurring theme here. This is where the comic relief team went after work EVERY NIGHT.
  2. Way too low chairs at reception
    Where you go when you have to LIE THE FUCK DOWN the morning after your intense campaign ends
  3. Silver beanbag
    Or as my English teammates say, space bollock. True story I accidentally trashed a hotel room for the first and prob not last time. Beanbag filler stuff flew everywhere and I tried to sweep them behind that curtain.
  4. This gimmicky chair
  5. The one place I didn't get to sit
    Every night pretty much someone from the Red Nose Day team would ask if we could go in the box. They said no so many times.