In Canada we call it "university," but I'm trying to appeal to the Americans. Special shoutout to McGill and its constant demand for my soul the last two years.
  1. I went to a farmer's market near campus and the apple selling girl tried so hard to convince me to buy some because they were "organic." I looked her in the eye and told her I had instant noodles for breakfast. She was just like "oh."
  2. My friends and I had a 24 hour marathon in the library. We probably drank a three cartons of Tim Horton's coffee, went home and slept for 6 hours, and then wrote a final exam.
  3. After my first year, I had an exam on the last day. So I slept for four hours, wrote the exam, and then spent the next 12 packing and moving boxes out of residence. I think I cried while undoing packing tape.
  4. I ordered two large pizzas during finals and just ate only that and vitamin pills for a week. No time to cook, friend.
  5. Speaking of friends, my good one had a fever and asked me to feel her forehead. I had 3 exams the week after and couldn't risk getting sick so I made her ask someone else. Yeah, I feel bad about that. Sorry Tiffany.