First tip! Don't use the word "hip" unless you're talking about anatomy.
  1. Netflix & Chill
    This is when you invite a person you're ~interested in~ and watch something on Netflix together. THIS IS IMPORTANT: you then turn the thermostat down to -15 and literally freeze them to death. If you can't afford Netflix, you can also "YouTube & Chill."
  2. Fleek
    You scream this at people on the street when you find them attractive. For example, "YOU WITH THE GLASSES, FLEEK FLEEK FLEEK!"
  3. Low-key
    This one is kind of obvious, right? Wrong! Instead of using it to suggest subtle urges, it's a way to signal that they want drugs. "I acted like I wasn't bothered, but low-key kinda was" translates to "Give me some crystal meth please."
  4. Bae
    Babies Are Excruciating. The topic of noisy air travel is prevalent in daily conversations.
  5. Basic bitch
    Something you call Republicans. "Ted Cruz? Such a god damn basic bitch."
  6. I Don't Fuck With You
    Also something for Republicans.
  7. Thirsty
    When someone is literally thirsty for a beverage. If they says "I'm thirsty for her!" just chuck some water at them.