Places to Eat in NYC if You're Here for 48 Hours:

  1. L'Artusi
    Sit at the bar. Order some Lini Lambrusco. Order a bowl (or two) of pasta. Then get this----> see photo
  2. Daniel
    Opt to eat dinner in the lounge. Less stuffy than formal dining room. Ask for Pascal (man in photo). And order cheese.
  3. Rubirosa
    Vodka sauce pizza. Order 1 for there.. And order one to take back to hotel.
  4. Upland
    Order Five Lettuce Caesar. Yes. That's right. Salad.
  5. Ippido
    Photo says it all.
  6. Soba Nippon
    Soba salad. 👌🏼for lunch
  7. Buvette
    The people who work there are mean.. But eggs + prosciutto.. Make that all go away
  8. Charlie Bird
    Sit at the bar. Order some oysters. Ask for Grant.
  9. Sushi Seki
    Open till 4 am. Order baby shrimp