1. Hotel Daniel (Paris, France)
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    Heart of Paris, but tucked away in a beautiful, quaint neighborhood. 13-min walk from Ave des Champs-Élysées. The staff = incredible and attentive.
  2. Hotel Trama- (Puymirol, France)
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    13th century building, 9 rooms. Located in a small village- South of France. The decor: you feel like you're in Games of Thrones. Not kidding. See photo.
  3. Hotel Les Mars (Healdsburg, California)
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    Near Napa, but not Napa. Go to The Shed for lunch and a glass of wine. Rooms have silk sheets. Yes, silk. Pro trick: ask for room day of. They'll give you discount.
  4. The Mayflower Grace (Washington, Connecticut)
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    2 1/2 hour drive from NYC. A perfect "I need to get the hell out of NY" trip. If you're into spa and yoga.. This is your 👏🏻. Make a reservation at Community Table. Ate there two nights in a row, it was that good.
  5. The Charlotte Inn (Edgartown, Massachusetts)
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    On Martha's Vineyard. The second you walk through the doors you feel like you're in an 18th-century novel. A few steps away from the water. You can bike everywhere. Two golden retrievers wearing ties roam the property. What's better than that? Nothing
  6. Windham Hill Inn (West Townshend, Vermont)
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    Mountain cabin vibe. On God knows how many acres of land. No wifi or service, so just grab a book and sit here-->
  7. La Ferme Saint-Siméon (Honfleur, France)
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    In Normandy, so northern France. Everything about town is 👌🏼. No wonder the Impressionists hung out here. Tips: eat all the bouillabaisse you can, get weird at the Erik Satie museum, and drink lots of Calvados