There should be a place where we can run to the swings like a maniac without having to push aside a group of pre-schoolers.
  1. Go on the swings and go as high as you can for hours
  2. Climb a tree and not just because a cat got stuck in it
  3. Play hide and seek - even when we're not trying to survive a home invasion
  4. Scream 'cause we feel like it, not because it's a life threatening situation and you really should have know better than to wear heels in the shady part of town
  5. Eat candy, throw up, instantly recover, eat more candy because it's delicious and fun and not because we just found out that that smart and funny guy from work, whom everybody calls your work husband, has an at-home-wife and you were the last to find out and up until then thought he was on the verge of asking you out and food never rejects you.