Went to the zoo before the dinosaurs came

  1. A polar bear ate a watermelon
    The cutest most aggressive watermelon devouring I've ever seen.
  2. A meerkat ate a mouse.
    This was not part of Timon's diet. Hakuna Matata is a lie!
  3. I imagined the two birds in the background gossiping about Howard hogging the spotlight.
    Fucking Howard.
  4. I giggled for at least 10 minutes. I'm a grown ass woman.
  5. Met a family of lemurs and considered pocketing a baby lemur
    Also seemingly walking around freely. They looked at us with fascination and fright. I felt the same way.
  6. Little prairie dogs walking around freely.
    I followed one around for a while. He loved it, I'm sure.
  7. John Hammond from Jurassic Park was there so I fully expect dinosaur-frog hybrids when I return next year