I left my job of a decade at the end of 2015 to strike out on my own. Crazy or crazy like a fox?
  1. I still set an alarm everyday, but it's for 8am instead of 7am
  2. I've worked out almost every day this week.
  3. Now that I'm not at the office and stressed for time, I'm making more meals at home.
  4. The people who I've met with this week like my ideas and want proposals.
  5. Hanging out with my dog more (plus, eliminating dog walker from my budget.)
  6. I'm still busy and still have meetings, but they tend to be at coffee shops or co-work spaces. The variety is refreshing.
  7. Have confirmed three vacation house swaps for this year (via HomeExchange.com), so I can still travel while being frugal.
  8. No annual reviews.
  9. I know a lot of amazing people, many of whom have pitched in to help. Friends have created logos for me, are helping build my website and referring business my way. But, I can also already tell that I'm going to meet a ton of new people this way. Love that.
  10. I miss my team. But, I'm just making plans to see them for lunches and coffees. Will be cool to shift from boss to friend.