Albums that changed my life

Not really changed my life so much as impacted in a way 💉
  1. Oops I did it again by britney
    First cd I ever bought.
  2. Forever your girl by Paula Abdul
    In the early 2000s after Britney betrayed me by breaking up with Justin, I found Paula and American idol and everything was ok for a while. The first album I lost sleep over
  3. Embarrassing fall out boy phase
    Infinity on high. Kim k is in this video and I didn't know it when I first saw it in 2007 but a few years later i'd grow to worship that woman. Also Pete wentz taught me how to do makeup
  4. Live through this by hole
    If you don't know then you don't know but this record is my fave of all time so it has to go on here
  5. Exile in Guyville by Liz phair
    Made me a feminist...bye
  6. BEYONCE self titled
    Truly honestly 100% real changed my life