My Favorite KUWTK moments

Kim's my fave although kourtney is totally my favorite sister right now
  1. Don't be fuckING RUDE
  2. you are just jealous because you cannot get a Bentley and you are trying to ruin my moment for me
  3. When Adrienne wouldn't answer cheating rob's calls
  4. When Kim and kris got divorced
  5. When kris dragged Kim for being married for 72 days
  6. When Khloe went to jail for like 2 hours
  7. When Kim was obsessed w Kylie and her tumblr
  8. When they started making the episodes 1 hr long
  9. When Kourtney pulled her babies out
  10. When kris almost peed herself all those times
  11. When Kim did her wedding makeup in 30 minutes. Truly an inspiration