Listening to My Husband and Daughter Discuss Semantics

My daughter has to write a book for her class. It's due Friday and we have the outline done. Here's how the writing process is going.
  1. Husband: how are you going to start your story?
  2. Daughter: everyday Addison and I play together. We found a magical necklace.
  3. Husband: but you don't find a necklace everyday. This is a one time thing. So say "one day, Addison and I were playing."
  4. Daughter: No. We play every day after school"
  5. Husband: yeah, but your adventure after finding the necklace doesn't happen every day. Why don't you start with "once upon a time"?
  6. Daughter: (haughtily) then it would be a fairy tale and not an adventure. Humpf.
  7. Me: in the kitchen DYING and trying not to laugh out loud and tip them off that I find this hysterical.