It's like being hypnotized. I have no idea I'm even doing it.
  1. Pitch Perfect
    "Will you call my name....." I love this movie from beginning to end but somehow I always catch it when they're fighting the old dude acapella group.
  2. Hoosiers
    I'm from Indiana. It's mandatory.
  3. Die Hard - any of them except the one with Justin Long
    John. Fucking. McClane. Yippe-ky-ay-a mother fucker. Also, the best Christmas movie ever.
  4. The Holiday
    Jack Black/Kate Winslet is the more entertaining storyline to me, but we've all been Cameron Diaz: throwing your ex's stuff out the window, running away on vacation, getting wasted and singing The Killers.
  5. Field of Dreams
    Pass the Kleenex and expect me to call my dad sobbing.
  6. Love Actually
    There are so many problems with this movie (hello Liam Neeson, you're such an enabler. Be a parent! Not his bff!) but I have to watch it if it's on.
  7. Armageddon
    If you were an actor in 1998, you were in this movie.