My Name

My name is Tamre. Here's how this is working out for me.
  1. Tamre. Pronounced Tam-Ra.
    The "e" sounds like an a.
  2. Named for a friend of my parents. She's badass.
  3. We're not the only ones - there are a handful of Tamres out there.
    One's a Ph.D. in Quantative Ecology and Resource Management, another is a lawyer, there are doctors out there - we're a smart bunch of women!
  4. Starbucks order
    "Can I have a name for your order?" Me: sure, it's Tamre. T-A-M-R-E. What I get back: Tamara, Tamrah, Tamarah, Tamika, Tara, Sara .... Me: 👍🏻
  5. Sales calls
    Is Tamree there? No. Good day.
  6. Say it with me: Tam-ra.