I've been sick since Sunday. Finally went to the dr. today and I'm on meds now. No fun.
  1. Sleep.
    I'm always in bed early. I love sleep.
  2. Lots of yummy tea with honey.
    Did you know Savannah Bee Company makes honey specifically for tea? It's probably just a branding gimmick but I totes don't care.
  3. Ice cream.
    The good stuff. Like Hagen Daaz or if you are special enough to live in the Midwest, Graeters or Jenis.
  4. Catching up on Game of Thrones and After the Thrones.
    Literally the only TV I watch.
  5. Reading.
    Just finished The Moonlit Garden. Meh. It was alright. I could tell it was translated from German and wish I had read the original. I would have enjoyed it more.
  6. Electric blanket
    I know it's 80 degrees out but this makes me cozy.