Why I Go to Bed So Early

I'm one of those people who is in bed by 10 every night. I wish I could go to bed at 9!
  1. I love sleep.
    It's like being dead but without the commitment.
  2. I need at least 7 hrs to function like a contributing member to society.
    Seriously. If I get 6 hrs of sleep, I need to take a nap at lunch.
  3. 5 am doesn't seem so early.
    I can get up and go to yoga, work out at home, read, meditate, make a kickass breakfast for the fam and STILL get to the office at a reasonable hour.
  4. I don't watch tv.
    I'd rather read and after a busy day, reading just knocks me out.
  5. I live at such a high frequency - sleep is my only downtime.
    I wore fitness band for a while and I burn almost twice the calories as a normal adult. My doctor says it is a high metabolism coupled with my natural personality. Sleep is the only time I don't feel "on."
  6. It keeps me from late night eating
    I am a human garbage disposal in the evenings. Going to bed keeps me from decimating a gallon of ice cream.
  7. I love to dream
  8. I have cute pajamas
    My husband bought me a ton of cute pjs this year for Christmas. I feel good going to bed.
  9. I love my mattress
    TempurPedic in the house!
  10. Good night.