1. Nope
    I tried to find a positive usage of this, one where it wasn't used in a curt manner, and failed. I consider it to be aggressive and rude, especially in print.
  2. Douche
    I think this word has really had its day and can now be relegated back to the confines of your mother's bathroom.
  3. Moped
    Dual use and different pronunciation per? This is the bane of the person who has learned most words via reading.
  4. Apron
    Beyond the image of a subservient women that automatically pops into my head, it's just unpleasant. Side note- I really should use mine more instead of ending up with floury jeans.
  5. Bloody
    Unless used as a curse word, in which case it's bloody brilliant.
  6. Jar
    I didn't say the list was logical. Also, when is a door not a door? When it's a...