I want no kids at all, but then even if I do have kids I would want two girls, one named Piper and one named Noelle. We would have to either adopt or use IVF so I know I could choose the gender. So these are ones I also love but won't use.
  1. Boston
    Fave fave fave boy name ever. Just don't want a boy.
  2. Eli
    Maybe even Boson Eli?
  3. Cooper
  4. Tucker
  5. Salem
    For a girl. Might use this as a middle name.
  6. Wilder
  7. August
  8. October
    Might use this as a middle name
  9. Violet
  10. North
    Can't use cause of Kimye
  11. Sage
  12. Wes
  13. Echo
  14. If you haven't noticed I rarely like "made up" names (sometimes I do as you can see) but I prefer names that are a real word like a noun or adjective. I could never like a name like "Katie" sorry!) because that's just a made up sound that's not a real word. Hard to explain and I'm weird but yeah.