1. Dr. Phil
    Can be quite sexist and hypocritical. Watch the show every day though for the stories.
  2. Cast of Jersey Shore
    Couldn't see myself enjoying spending time with anyone on the show but I did watch the entire first season
  3. Everyone on Teen Mom except Maci
    I watched a good bit of episodes and she was the only one who I clicked with
  4. Adam from Man VS Food
    Love this show but idk he seems like a low key fuck boy I just can't explain it
  5. Dr Oz
    I don't watch HIS show but if he is on reruns of Oprah I will still watch even though I am positive he is a con artist
  6. Long Island Medium
    99% sure psychics aren't real so she's just taking advantage of people so I wouldn't like a person who did that BUT on the 1% she's real it makes a good show and I cry for every episode
  7. Jon from Jon and Kate plus 8
    Watched every episode even though I never liked Jon and he turned out to be a fuckboy so I called it