1. I live in south Louisiana
  2. Pretty much every single person I know is racist and sexist
  3. My husband and I are not and we don't fit in which is why we don't have any friends
  4. My husband wears feminist t shirts and Barack Obama t shirts to work at a shipyard and gets made fun of
    He keeps wearing them
  5. I want to help but I feel like everyone I know is a lost cause
  6. I sometimes HATE these people I went to school with. People I played with. Attended birthday parties for. I sometimes HATE them.
    I am trying to channel that differently but it's hard
  7. I try in vain over and over to explain how racist and sexist and homophobic these people are and they ignore me. After this election half of my Facebook and insta followers deleted me because I called them out on it.
    They don't want to be called out on their ways.
  8. I don't want to be filled with hate like this because then I am turning into them.
    How can I let go of this.
  9. How can they just NOT CARE ABOUT MINORITIES AT ALL???
  10. How can women not care about THEIR OWN BODIES???!
  11. My own family members are showing me just how terrible they are how can I move past this??
    This is about supporting human rights and not supporting human rights.
  13. I hate living here and I don't want to raise a child here. I hate these people. I want new friends and family and community.
  14. I will volunteer for the midterm election and for whoever the next democratic candidate is in 4 years. I will do everything I can but this state is terrible.
  15. I have spent SO much time trying to talk to people about saving the earth from climate change.
  16. Wednesday morning I woke up thinking that I hope climate change drowns us all cause maybe we aren't worth saving.
  17. That is a terrible thought and I am trying to stop thinking those things.
  18. I am so sorry.