Splash mountain and Matterhorn were closed during my trip so it's not listed
  1. Tower of terror
    I was nearly crying in the line because I was so afraid, but my husband was insisting we do it. As soon as we got off the ride, I wanted to get back on. (Also, I accidentally groped the boob of the girl next to me -like I honked that sucker good- so it was thrilling in more ways than one.)
  2. Indiana Jones
    This ride is so fucking good. Gosh it's awesome. You can feel the heat coming off the pit of lava in the middle of the cavern. We could have rode it ten times.
  3. Space mountain
    I felt so free and peaceful on this ride. It's like you're flying through space, really.
  4. Radiator springs racers
    The animatronics are INSANE. Wow. Loved this ride. It told a story and was magical and fast and fun.
  5. Big thunder mountain railroad
    Probably one of my favorite coasters ever. Going backwards is so fun!
  6. Finding Nemo Submarines
    It feels like really being in a submarine! I'm a 5 year old! Don't tease me!