1. Lizards
    This is my greatest fear by far. Looking at a picture of a lizard is scary but encountering one in person brings me to the ground. I have vomited from almost touching one. I have reverse imprinted with them (twilight reference) and nothing can change that.
  2. Being raped
    I can't imagine anything ruining my life more than a loved one dying than being raped. I think about it all the time. I cause myself so much anxiety fearing so many men around me. I don't know why I have this fear as I have never been almost raped (but I have been kind of sexually harassed or something like that.)
  3. One of my loved ones getting sick
  4. Myself getting sick
  5. When holes or growths are all different sizes and placed closely together. It gives me extreme anxiety.
  6. Heights
  7. The dark
    I sleep with a nightlight and always will
  8. Ghosts or demons
  9. Having bad acne
    I sometimes cry when my face breaks out because I am afraid it will turn into the face of one of those people on the pro active commercial. I have always had light acne and can't totally get rid of it.
  10. The hamburgular
    The guy who is friends with Ronald McDonald and wear stripes. When I was a toddler I began to relate him to the "devil" and it left a fear in me. No idea why.
  11. Extremely religious people of any faith
  12. Old people skin
  13. Getting too fat to walk
  14. All my hair falling out