Fictional Characters I've Wanted to Be

In chronological order
  1. The earliest envy I can remember was probably for Bubbles. Every time we'd play power puff girls id fight anyone to be bubbles. I later realized I'm a Blossom to the core.
  2. Eliza Thornberry
    Just wanted to talk to animals tbh
  3. Ariel
    Just wanted to be a mermaid tbh
  4. Belle
    My husband has A LOT of body hair and I do read a lot so kind of a success ????
  5. Wendy Darling
    Peter Pan coming to my window and taking me to a magical island with mermaids was very appealing to me and I even made my husband do Peter Pan one Halloween so I could live out my childhood dream of being Wendy.
  6. Phoebe
    I thought I would be just like her when I became a grown up. Unfortunately I later realized I am a Piper to the core.
  7. Matilda
    Wanted to fuck people up with my powers. Watched this move 4,000 times between the ages of 7-8
  8. Zenon
    She lived in outer space and look at her clothes need I say more
  9. Marnie
    She was a witch and feisty and went to halloweentown need I say more
  10. Arrietty Clock
    I got really into the borrowers for a while I was super intrigued at the thought of tiny people living in your house
  11. Wednesday Addams
    She just seemed like the definition of cool
  12. Winnie Foster
    I read this when I was 11 and cried my eyes out. I was so jealous of her adventure and started exploring the woods hoping I'd bump into an intriguing stranger. (Almost got bit by a snake instead.)
  13. Hermione Granger
    Still wanna be her tbh
  14. Violet Baudelaire
    Despite her terrible luck I still envied her life. Traveling all over and inventing things. I really wanted more drama in my life as a preteen anyways.
  15. Bella Swan BOOK VERSION
    I loved book Bella. She was so smart and funny and witty and brave and stubborn. I really connected with her character. After seeing how the movie portrayed her I was pretty upset. I always pictured Bella to be like Rory Gilmore and they made her nothing like that. Bummer.
  16. Daisy Buchanan
    The first time I read Gatsby I was 14 and I wanted to be Daisy. The second time I read Gatsby I was 17 and realized Daisy is human garbage.
  17. Peyton Sawyer
    Was super into One Tree Hill in its glory days. I really aspired to match Peyton in teen angst. My mom would tell you I surpassed her. Also had a huge crush on CMM.
  18. Pam Beasly
    Not sure if I wanted to be Pam or if I just wanted John Krasinski to fall in love with me.