Hogwarts Houses: The Office

  1. Michael: Hufflepuff
    He really doesn't fit anywhere else. (I'm a firm believer that Hufflepuff is a great house anyways.)
  2. Pam: Ravenclaw
    In Roy's words "ms artsy fartsy".. And art is a Ravenclaw thing.
  3. Jim: Ravenclaw
    We already know he was a nerd in school because his mom wouldn't let him hang out with dumb kids.
  4. Dwight: Gryffindor
    Taking the heat for the people he loves time and time again and always ready to use pepper spray to defend his friends from attackers (lookin at you Roy)
  5. Kelly: Slytherin
    And she's in the great hall with her clique like "you can't sit with us." @mindy
  6. Ryan: Slytherin
  7. Angela: Ravenclaw
    I'm sure she'd be a little miss know it all though
  8. Andy: Hufflepuff
    He was a prefect and head boy
  9. Daryl: Ravenclaw
  10. Toby: Hufflepuff
  11. Jan: Slytherin
  12. Roy: Gryffindor
  13. Stanley: Hufflepuff
  14. Phylis: Gryffindor
    A young Phyllis was fearless I have a feeling
  15. Oscar: Ravenclaw
  16. Kevin: Hufflepuff
  17. Creed: Gryffindor
    Friends with Fred and George
  18. Meredith: Gryffindor
    Crazy as hell daredevil type always sneaking out
  19. That bitch Kathy who tried to sleep with Jim: Slytherin