1. Do people think Jess was the best for Rory????
  2. Does anyone think Logan was good for Rory or a decent person at all???????
  3. Do people think Jim should have been with Karen???
  4. Does a person come to the conclusion that Harry and Hermione would have been a good match???! Like what????
  5. Does anyone think Ben and Leslie weren't perfect for each other???
  6. Does anyone hate Ross with Rachel?! Like idc that he was crappy sometimes.. It's ROSS AND RACHEL.
  7. Does any human think that Brooke would have been better for Lucas than Peyton?????! Do you remember the first episode! It was always Peyton for him!
  8. Do people like Peeta more than Gale??!!!!!??!! Gale forever!!!!!!
  9. Does anyone prefer Joey with Dawson over Pacey??????