1. My parents lived a few streets away from each other in a small town.
    My mom spent the summers with her grandparents but for most of the year she lived a few streets away.
  2. My parents were 5 years apart in age.
    My mom was friends with my dad's little brother.
  3. They never met though. Have no memories of ever crossing paths.
  4. My mom married her first boyfriend, a guy who got her pregnant when she was in 8th grade.
    My brothers were born! Yes, my mom had twins when she was 15 and was married at 16!
  5. Her husband became severely abusive. He beat her up regularly and even began to sexually assault her.
    Yes! You can be raped or sexually assaulted by your own spouse!
  6. She told the police but they said a man can't rape his own wife and she needs to be more willing for him so that violence doesn't occur.
    Hopefully we have grown as a society since then!
  7. So my grandpa helped my mom run away. He planned her a little escape, and got her a car, and made arrangements for her to go to Dallas, Texas for a while.
  8. Meanwhile, my dad had just got a job offer (he was a hospice nurse) but he had to move away for the position.
  9. To (you guessed it) Dallas, Texas.
  10. My moms first day in Dallas, she stopped at a random gas station.
  11. She was crying as she pumped gas, in the rain.
  12. My dad saw her crying.
  13. She told him she was moving there and was just a little upset about not knowing anyone.
  14. That launched a conversation that led to them realizing they were both from the same place and had many mutual friends.
  15. They moved in together soon after, my dad adopted my brothers and raised them like his own, and my mom was pregnant for my dad when she turned 19. They got married when she was 21.
  16. Then me and my little sister came at 26 and 28.
  17. My parents divorced when I was 5.
    My mom was in love with another person, and my dad was able to be his true self; a gay man. Even though he does say he never faked loving my mom.
  18. So maybe they were not meant to be.
  19. But maybe me and my siblings were.
  20. The end.