Infuriating Things I Heard Old Ladies Say at the Hair Salon Today

These are quoted to the best of my memory
  1. A woman should never be president, that's not her place.
  2. I can't believe a woman would even think she should do that, it's so disrespectful to her husband.
  3. Other countries would never respect us is we let a woman take control like that.
  4. I hate all this progress, I wish things were like they used to be.
  5. I need more hairspray sweetie.
  6. Progress isn't always a good thing.
  7. I used to never lock my doors and now I have to have an alarm system I can hardly operate.
  8. More hairspray, dear.
  9. I would take horse and buggy days over this any day.
  10. Never a good thing when people stop following the roles set out for us by Jesus.
  11. Just a little more hairspray, please, I like it stiff.