I'm a nanny currently.
  1. Travel Agent
    I live for traveling and planning trips. I like to plan every single aspect in advance to ensure that I don't skip or miss anything. I go as far as to research every single meal and snack location to make sure we only have THE BEST of everything. My trips are perfect and people tell me that I make a vacation like a dream.
  2. Writer
    If I could get paid to stay home and write anything that would be great. It's my dream and I'm writing a book but, like, who isn't?
  3. Teacher
    12th grade Literature. I've always imagined this but idk how much I'd actually like it.
  4. Mystery Shopper
    Obv the shopping part would be like my dream job but I'm sure there's a lot more to the job possibly even paperwork and gross I hate paper work.
  5. Actress
    I'm really dramatic and I did plays when I was a kid. I can cry on command. I've imagined myself as an actress for a while but I don't think I'm skinny or pretty enough for hollywoods standards.
  6. Makeup artist
    Freelance, I couldn't work in a Mac store. But doing makeup, facials, waxing in my own little shop seems nice. I love makeup.
  7. Bakery Owner
    I really like baking but I have to be in a mood. Sometimes I think having my own little bakery would be amazing other times I think like, nah.
  8. Person who feeds baby animals at the zoo
    Idk if this is a person but if so sign me up