1. Copy Shop girl who slept with Ross while him and Rachel were on a break
    Like he was clear with her that he loved someone and wanted to be with them. But she orders him beers and forces herself into his company even though he is obviously resisting her at first. Then when he has more alcohol in him she makes a move. Many times he seems like he knows he shouldn't do it and instead of respecting that she keeps trying until he gives in. He chose to do it so he is also WRONG for sure. But she also says "If you're married that's cool." Doesn't respect marriage????! Ew
  2. Kathy from the office
    Takes the temporary job of Jims WIFE while she is on MATERNITY LEAVE WITH THEIR NEW BABY and makes it her goal to sleep with him anyways. Then when he reads her intentions and draws the line she tries to make HIM feel bad and guilty by saying she only like wants to be friends/wasn't trying to hook up. But then KEEPS TRYING until he throws her out the room. She is a grade A traitor and needs to go live in a cave for eternity.