1. I'm okay at putting on makeup. Not great. But these products help me.
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  2. Nars radiant creamy concealer in Chantilly
    If you have pale skin this is a must have
  3. Nyx blush in Taupe
    If you have pale skin this is a holy grail product. It will contour and look like an actual shadow.
  4. White/cream eyeliner for waterline
    Love this now and will never use black again
  5. Smashbox full exposure mascara
  6. Benefit high brow stick
    Lightens right under the brow
  7. Tarte finishing powder
  8. Nyx illuminator
    Not my fave one but this is the one I use regularly because it's not expensive and it works
  9. Revlon color stay foundation
    I use this because I tried really expensive foundations and never found one that I like as much as this one
  10. Smashbox photo finish primer
  11. Model Co blush
  12. Nyx finishing powder in banana
  13. Nyx eyebrow kit
  14. Urban decay clear lip liner
    Will never buy another liner. One shade works for everything.
  15. Meet matte Hughes lipgloss
    Not wearing it in this pic but typically I wear this every day I love this gloss because it is matte and dries beautifully and lasts all day
  16. Lorac foundation powder
    Goes directly on top of liquid foundation (after it dries and a setting powder is applied)