My Dream Squad

  1. Abbie and Illana
    The life of the group.
  2. Taylor
    I genuinely believe she is the best friend anyone can have and have heard from someone who has a sort of distant connection to her that she was the only person who went out of their way to make her feel included when she didn't know many people at the wedding they attended. This person is not famous on any level and said that she felt so accepted by Taylor. Nobody could change my opinion of her at this point.
  3. Lena and Jack
    I love them and I think we (my husband and I) would get along with them. They seem like the kind of people who will accept you for whoever you are and you don't have to be fancy around them if that makes sense?? @lenadunham
  4. Aziz
    Funny and also feminist and uses comedy to spread the message that being a dick isn't cool. Loves food and so do I. We would have brunch.
  5. Larry David
    The group elder
  6. Fred and Carrie
    Just because
  7. Tia and Tamera
    They are perfect and and have the best advice. They host a lot of the group gatherings and have really nice homes that feel cozy. You can always count on them. Always on time when you meet up.
  8. Mulany is like the long distance member of the group who isn't around a lot but when he comes to town we all get together to celebrate.
  9. Mindy Kaling
    She's my best friend in the group. We love everyone but we secretly love each other the most and sometimes hang out without even inviting the others.
  10. Shia Laboeuf
    Wild card.