On Netflix. Less than 1% of abortions are late term. Of those tiny 1% nearly all are circumstances of fetal anomaly, rape, or other unimaginable situations. It is up to the doctor (4 in the entire u.s) at this point whether a situation is compelling enough to warrant performing the procedure.
  1. Wow this is important work
  2. Wow we really do need this service provided to women
  3. Those poor couples having to abort their planned child because he had such a terrible disease and every moment of his life would have been misery
  4. *crying*
  5. This is so sad that they want to keep their baby but they know letting them pass away in peace is so much kinder
  6. These doctors are amazing they do so much for these women in helping them cope with this choice
    They even gave them little handprints and footprints of their babies so that they can cherish their memory
  7. These doctors are so overworked and their job seems to be so taxing on their mental state
    But they know that someone has to do this job for these women so they refuse to retire (even in their 70's)
  8. Why are these people outside picketing trying to make these women feel worse?
    They are already crying hysterically to the doctor about how horrible they feel. Why are people yelling at them instead of hugging them?
  9. I hope the raped girl takes the doctors advice and reports it to the police
    And I hope she's okay
  10. This is so sad
  11. *cries*
  12. We need to support women and families that choose to terminate a pregnancy because they already are struggling emotionally
    It wasn't easy for them. They need to know that things are going to get better and they are loved.
  13. "Nobody wants a fucking abortion."
    Best. Line. Ever. You tell em' Doctor! Women don't love getting abortions! Be kind to them! They are going through enough!